Registration: S5-PEZ

The standard aircraft Pipistrel-SW100

was modified for the needs of a round-the-world flight with a range of 4,000km and an altitude of 9,000m. Due to a modification of the engine and the propeller the plane was registered as an experimental aircraft with a MTOM of 750kg. At an altitude of 3,000m, the plane reaches the TAS of 145kts with a fuel consumption of 18.2l/h. The plane can fly non-stop for 18.5 hours and can reach an altitude of 9,000+ metres.

Additions to the standard model:

  • Rotax 914 engine + intercooler
  • MT constant speed propeller
  • Wing fuel tanks: 300l
  • Centre fuel tank: 50l
  • Antennas integrated into the plane structure
  • Camera mounts in the wings
  • Air intake in the wings for the needs of the research projects

Built-in instrumentation:

  • Garmin GTN 750
  • Garmin GMA 35
  • Gramin Aera 550
  • Stormscope WX-500
  • Becker radio
  • Becker transponder
  • TruTrak EFIS-SG+APIV
  • Kanardia: Nesis 6"
  • Kanardia: Emsis
  • Funkwerk: BFI
  • Kannad: ELT entegra

ADDITIONAL (non-integrated) EQUIPMENT:

  • MountainHigh oxygen system
  • Nflightcam camera, GoPro
  • Winslow ULO40 life raft
  • Iridium 9505 satellite phone
  • Tracking Spidertrack

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Contract conclusion with Delius Klasing publishers


Contract conclusion with Delius Klasing publishers

The large German publishing firm Delius Klasing showed interest in the book and therefore obtained the rights to publish the German language version... more...
Monograph Over the Blue Planet


Monograph Over the Blue Planet

We are hereby presenting you the website that is the continuation of the successful projects GreenLight WorldFlight (2012) and North Pole (2013)... more...


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